Groovy Bee Pinhole Glasses Sports Style

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Groovy Bee® Pinhole Glasses Sports Style have the following features:

* Quality construction with thick pinhole panel that stays firmly in place
* Metal hinges!
* High quality, thick frame resists breakage
* A "registered medical device" with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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Frequently-asked questions about pinhole glasses:

How do pinhole glasses work?

Pinhole glasses have hundreds of tiny holes that alter the light entering your eyes, transforming the light from an overpowering mass of light rays to a collection of lower-intensity, distinct light rays that effectively give your eyes a more "organized" pattern on which to focus. This causes the ciliary body of your eyes to engage in adaptive exercise which helps support the range of motion of your ciliary muscles.

Those muscles control the shape of your lenses that focus light inside your eyes. As these muscles become stronger (over a period of days and weeks), they become more "fit" instead of "flabby," just like resistance exercises make your other body muscles more capable over time. Increases in range of motion are everything when it comes to controlling the shape of the lenses in your eyes.

The end result? Enhance your eye fitness.

How will I know if they are working for me?

For many people, the minute they put them on, they INSTANTLY see more clearly because of the interesting way they allow the eyes to see close-up objects with more clarity. Many people are astonished at the difference in their experience, and some actually scream out in surprise at the fact that they suddenly see things differently.

Is it safe to use pinhole glasses?

Yes. There are no dangerous side effects to wearing pinhole glasses. Keep in mind that you should not wear them while driving or performing any action that requires your full attention. You should also limit their use to a few minutes a day to give your eyes a rest between exercise sessions.

Can I use pinhole glasses if I'm wearing contact lenses?

Yes you can, although it is best to try wearing pinhole glasses without your contact lenses to see how much it can improve your focus.

For how long should I wear the pinhole glasses?

Initially, try them for just a few minutes a day, building up to roughly one hour each day as your focus improves. 

Do pinhole glasses work for everyone?

No. There are many causes of poor vision. Pinhole glasses does not resolve cataracts or other causes of blurred vision. 

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